Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Well- Bred American

Intense friction, causing insanity.
Repulsive beauty, hidden with vanity.
Ghastly facade, lost in demand.
Gucci heels, slight reprimand.
Inner belief, gassed with "perfection".
Versace persona, excellent selection.
A sprinkle of Armani sunglasses indeed.
What else does a well-bred American need?

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Crappy Day

Feeling kind of perky?
More like feeling kind of crappy.
Twisted thoughts unusual
Who needs them?
Die anyways
Might as well live it up
Crush all in my path
Thats all they are
Too bad I'm a crumb
And I'll get swallowed first.

Something I wish I had
With scraps of it at times
But flushed between those periods
The gravity pulls me
To walls of closing doors
I'm trapped and let it go again
No more
no more control.
Little Secret

Little secret
I hold so dear
Tell me what
You want to hear.
Inside I'm empty.
Oh yes it's true.
All I keep
Is only you.
Forced to reveal
what was never there.
What can I do
To stop all the stares?
I try, I swear.
I really try
But I'm accused
Of spreading lies.
So little secret
It's up to you
Tell me now
what should I do?

Fiercely searching
Through emotional rubble,
The missing pin
That holds the soul together.
A territory
Rarely visited from fear
Of rejection.
Tear it down
Ripping through sheats of shame.
Breaking down the untouchable.
Too late.
Too hard to stop.
It's known.
You are exposed.

Friday, February 01, 2002


Tinted glass
with dusted drops
of blood and salt
that melts the snow.
The heart that
bleeds forever.


Hold my hand
I won't let go
I know you've lost it all
But faith is how love starts.
Open up
The windows of reality
Yet filter
All the darkness
prancing around.
I need you.
Don't be afraid.
You need me too.
I feel it in your grasp.
Empty Carton

Disbelief in my transparency
Makes the walls of brick appear
Into the height of distance
And the grin of choice.
I hold my breath eternity
And splurt the inconvinience
While you complete the carton
And all has not agreed,
I don't deserve this pleasure
to the disgrace that's caused.
While everything around me
Has gone with no applause.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Lost It

The calling that intends on losing,
what has never even been yours.
From time to time you begin to fall
From oceans to a distant melody.
And everything around you never changes,
To what you want from your desires.
And when the actions scream for it,
You know that things will always be.
Now life is in its own intentions.
And currently you try to pull the door.
And forces grab until its falling.
And suddenly you know you have to go.
When everything is fine and all so perky,
The joy of life will just begin.
Just then you realize you've lost it
All just because you tried too hard.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Broken Rage

The handle has been broken.
The truth has been set free.
In knowing the lying source,
You will try to grow on pain.
The rage spreads throughout,
Springing for revenge,
Lashing out in the harshest way.
Cracked windows crash heavily,
Shattering all hopes.
Spontaneous combustion,
lifts loads of guttered trash.
The stench of hatred in your fingertips,
Floats to your twisting tongue,
As feet stomp on the ripping thread,
And everything is demolished.
Doomed world

Kisses in the rain
destroyed the tightly woven sweater.
While grace is told in hell,
And angels tear their wings to pieces.
Bruises form with light corruption.
And healing just doesn't quite exist.
Carelessness encouraged with dishonesty.
Lying is what brought us all here.
Being smart means cheating faith,
And this world is doomed to cruel growth.
Attitude and scapegoat is the trick
to move up on the slippery ladder.
And money is the right direction,
to being what your children need.

Expel me from your school of envy.
I decide to take the path most taken.
And that is to turn green to white.
My dove has flown away to safety.
And every child with a mind its own.
When all has come to but an end.
The voices heard don't echo loud enough,
And choices cross the road with no confession,
While regrets never turn it down again.
My heart just stopped to starting,
And everything you said has blinked away.
Now you are a mere reflextion,
And I am a rainbow at dusk.

I love what I can't have.
I need what I don't love.
So if you love me,
And if I need you,
Then I am sorry.
But I am blind to love,
And I cannot see you.

A pen with no ink.
A door with no knob.
A table with no legs.
A crayon with no color.
A painting with no picture.
A poem with no meaning.
Me with no you.

The penetration in my veins,
Makes the heat begin to rise.
The lack of air exerts my lungs,
And suddenly my heart just drops.
The large thud bangs loudly on my back.
The image fogs like mirrors over steam.
My knuckles magnets to the face.
And rings engrave a temporary joke,
Now as I lay cold on the ground,
My lip as swolled as my fractured knee.
I try to remember my first state,
Why you jerked the red from my heart.
But nothing seems to come to mind
Except the throbbing pain.

Discuss the things
That life has held behind.
The arms that tug
And drag my words away.
I've tried to call,
the anchors from the sea.
But something holds me back,
from my true path.
The shattering glass
clings tightyly to my knees.
It weighs me down,
like pages to a book.
The ring just drops,
And hugs on hatred's thumb.
And suddenly
I'm back where I've begun.

I am in your arms,
Knowing nothing can go wrong.
Feeling your heart beat,
Realizing mine beats the same rhythm.
When suddenly,
Out of nowhere with no warning,
This uncontrollable force,
grabs me by the waist.
Pushing me so far away,
That not even my stretching arms
can grab onto you.
Time pulls me so fast,
That I drop my heart along the way.
So fast that I can only see blur around me.
As though a tornado sweeps me
from all I ever cared for.
And then it stops abruptly.
Time's brakes just brought me to a hault.
Right where I started.
Except you're not here.
And my arms are cold without you.
My heart was dropped before.
And you are gone,
Without a reason.
Your Pathetic Attempt

You pulled me into
your fantastic world,
of crap and lies.
That, I can't deny
you of actually caring,
for nobody but yourself.
Your tender touch,
was just for you,
To touch what I wouldn't.
So come close to me,
So that I can whisper,
My true deep choice.
You are dismissed.
Cruel Love

I love you.
But I hate you,
When it's,
All about you.
Does it better
than you.
In your
Ice cold,
Attractive ways.
Release me,
from this
horrible heaven.
Yes, a heaven
with demons,
that tempt me
for your cruel,
cruel love.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

What I See

So my nose is too big
And my eyes are not green.
My hair just too straight
And my legs not too lean.
My complexion not clear.
My stomach's not tight
My ankles are huge.
And my skin is too light.
Now my height is ok
But my chest is too small
I may not walk straight
But I try not to fall.
When I look deep inside
And I find the real me
I know in my heart
That I like what I see.
Repeating Past

Down to the core
I know what is true.
As hard as I try
I know I will lose.
I come back to you
Even though it is wrong.
My feelings at stake
My conscience less strong.
I say to myself
That I deserve more
But I stand myself up
To fall back on the floor.
Maybe this time
It will actually work.
Maybe he's changed.
He's not a jerk.
But in time I will see
That you are still you.
That I cannot change.
And the past is still true.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Disappointing Attraction

Adorable smile
Enchanting eyes
A sweet surrender
Your tongue implies.
The soft pink lips
That pull me in.
Attractive smell
And dimpled chin.
Innocent looks
that make me fall.
Your stumbled words
That make me stall.
So hold me now.
Forget the past.
I know it's wrong
My future smashed.
You fade away
As did before.
I am alone
Again once more.